Beach Bound

That's right! We're beach bound for a long weekend. It is just G and me. I'm so excited. Here's what's on our agenda: NOTHING! Ah, it feels so good. The last two weeks at work has been nothing short of madness. I've hosted a couple of large fundraising events, a college football team and had just a few days to complete my 2013 business plan. I got it all done by the grace of God. And in the midst of all of that we had the Bobby Nichols Memorial Golf Tournament for Greyson's college golf coach in Cookeville. Now I'm an hour and a half away from sun, sand, seafood and most importantly quality time with my husband. And for those of you wondering we are not in the path of Isaac. We're going to St. Simons, GA.
We also have a lot to celebrate on this trip. G received a promotion at work this week. I am so excited and proud of him.
Well the beach is calling my name. Pictures to come soon!