Happy Anniversary

This week G and I will celebrate four years of marriage. It is so hard to believe. I guess we are no longer newlyweds nor have we been for a while. I can honestly say I still look back on our wedding day and say it was the best day of my life.... Hopefully G feels the same way, ha. I will never forget the energy, the love and the fun of that day.  I wish I could go back in time and soak it all in.

Oddly enough, my parents divorce has had many relationships in my life stronger and that includes the one with my husband. G has seen me at my absolute worst several times over the last seven months. Yet he has stood beside me in every sense of the word. I cannot imagine him being more patient, understanding and supportive. For that, I am upmost grateful and have found a whole new respect and love for him. I am also determined to protect our marriage at whatever the cost. I never want to take the easy road when things get hard. Life isn't rainbows and butterflies. It is hard.  Marriage is hard. It is also one of the greatest blessings in life but like anything you have to work at it. I'm so thankful for God designing us for a partnership with our mate. I cannot imagine life without a partner after having one for four years.  There is no one else in this world that I would want to walk step by step in this roller coaster of a life than my G. Thank you for being the most patient man on earth and loving me for me.