Life Lately

I have not been the best blogger recently. In order to catch up, I am “photo dumping” my pictures from my i-phone.
Mid-January my mom came to visit on her birthday. Every year she splurges on her birthday for Mellow Mushroom. It is her absolute favorite. I am so proud of my mom! She has kept her weight off for well over a year. She counts every calorie she puts into her mouth and exercises for more than an hour at least four days a week. She looks and feels better than she ever has. Knock on wood, she has gone all winter without being sick. That my friends, is something I never would have thought would happen. I am so proud of her for putting her health #1. I on the other hand need to follow her example. I was sick at her birthday lunch with an upper respiratory infection.

This is me with two of my favorite co-workers at the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet. These two are such a blessing to me and make it a joy to come to work every day. We had such a fun evening together. I always  leave the Chamber banquet with such a great pride for the amazing community that I live in.

Here I am with the birthday girl, Lara who was 29 again this year. We had a great evening celebrating her birthday recently at Lanes, Trains and Automobiles.

Last weekend was G’s birthday. We started the weekend off with dinner at Garcia’s with G’s best friend and his little boy Mason. This kid is such a ham. He stole the show. He was high fiving all the staff there. When I went to get this picture with him, he kissed me on the cheek. I hope our kids are as sweet and as fun as him.

Greyson’s family, including Ruby, came to the Boro Saturday night to celebrate. We had homemade lasagna and ice cream cake.

I am planning my friend Lara’s birthday. I am having so much fun with her. She is getting married at a beautiful house in Lascassas in April. I know she is going to make the most gorgeous bride.

Libby has been getting some quality snuggles in with me lately. I am sick… again! I cannot wait for spring.