11 Months

Can’t believe it has been 11 months since our wedding. It is also the day of the Royal Wedding. (Wasn’t she beautiful!!!)

Now’s the big question, and it’s not when to start a family but what should we do to celebrate! We don’t have time for a weekend away but I feel like we need to make it special. The first anniversary sets the precedent for all the other anniversaries to come. Please send your suggestions our way. I can’t wait to celebrate our first year as husband and wife. Plus we get to sample our cake. But we’ve decided we are going to order a small replica just in case it is freezer burned.

After watching all this footage of the Royal Wedding, I want to get married all over again.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I should be climbing into bed right now but instead I am washing and ironing clothes for tomorrow and just finished putting together a breakfast casserole and baking some muffins. I can’t imagine the stress of getting an entire family ready for Easter morning. I am thankful I only have myself and G to get out in the door in the morning.

With our jobs we no longer have a “traditional Easter”. We are both working tomorrow. My hotel is hosting a brunch and we have a record number of over 300 people registered. Tomorrow is also a big day at the county club for G as well. Thankfully he doesn’t have to go into work until late tomorrow afternoon and THANKFULLY he is going to help hide the Easter eggs for the two egg hunts we are having at the brunch. Also, his parents are coming to the hotel to eat and my precious mother-in-law is bringing a homemade coconut cake shaped like an entire body of a bunny. Her mother use to make one every year and Nancy does not want us to miss out on the tradition even if we do have to work. To be 100% honest I have dreaded tomorrow for a while. I struggle with guilt about having to work on Easter. But it is not my choice so early last week I started praying that my focus would be on Christ’s sacrifice and not the brunch. And it has been just that. Each night I have spent a great deal of time reading about Jesus’ last days on earth. Also today it hit me like a ton of bricks that I have the opportunity to serve and shine for Christ and my plan is to do just that… with HIS help of course. Otherwise, I would be my normal complaining self tomorrow. I have the opportunity to provide 300+ people with a great holiday experience and that is how I am determined to look at it. So please say a prayer for me tomorrow that my focus will remain on Christ and not on having to “work”. Also we both still have the opportunity to go and worship tomorrow and I am so thankful for that. Besides He paid the ultimate sacrifice so what am I complaining about?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter wherever and however you choose to worship.

Laid behind a stone
You lived to die
Rejected and alone
Like a rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above All

Hear You Loud and Clear

After writing my last post, I had a little pity party the rest of the night. It continued even after G got home from work. Poor thing! I know I made him feel terrible. And again, I do NOT want him to change his career path. I was just feeling overwhelmed and lonely on Friday.

Well wouldn’t you know it, our preacher’s sermon was titled, “Never Alone”. He had us read aloud Psalms 93 and then say, “God is with ME. I am never alone”. Then to stress the point of how we are never alone, he then provided us with examples to remind us that whatever situation we are in that we are not in it alone. His first point was, “God is with me. I am never alone even when I am bored to death with my mundane life.” DING, DING, DING. I am hearing you, God. That was where all my frustration was coming from Friday night. I had worked hard all week and I wanted to enjoy life but instead I was home alone and bored.

I know our preacher’s message was so simple but it was so true. And just those few sentences were all that I needed to hear to change my attitude. He continued his sermon with different circumstances I know others could relate to but this was the one that struck my cord. I am never alone and even though my problem does seem insignificant, it isn’t insignificant to God because I am His child. He cares about every single problem I have and He is with me every step of the way. WOW!!! No other love compares. I think I was nodding my head so hard as our preacher was saying this that he knew it was just what I needed to hear. We even made direct eye contact in that moment. I am so thankful for God to have used him to speak directly to me on Sunday. No, my problem isn’t as great as natural disasters or people who are sick but God still cares and I am never alone. I am also thankful that the Spirit was there not only during that moment but throughout the service.

Thank you, God. I hear you loud and clear and I am so thankful for that.

My Weekend Blahs

It’s Friday and I should be screaming from the rooftops TGIF but I’m not. Instead I have what I call “my weekend blahs”. It’s Friday night and don’t get me wrong I am thrilled to off work for two days especially after a day like today when I have seen and talked to a million clients and lunch was at my new normal place and time, my desk at 2 pm. But as thrilled as I am, I’m also a little down. I come home every Friday evening to husbandless household and it pretty much stays like that except for a few sporadic hours here and there. So that means just me and Libby. HOME ALONE ALL WEEKEND! I love that dog to death but she’s pretty boring. I can’t exactly share a glass of wine with her or go to dinner and a movie. I never want my husband to change careers because he is following his dream and doing what he loves and that is what matters most to me.

So I try and keep myself busy but it’s hard. How much shopping can a girl do on the weekends without breaking the bank? And has far as hanging out with friends, most of friends now are married and have hectic schedules just like my own. And there’s another thing when I do have fun things to do then I either have to work on the weekends myself or I am so exhausted from work all week that I dread doing them. It is like I can’t win. Are you starting to see why this titled this blog, “My Weekend Blahs”?

I’m not asking for sympathy. I’m really not. I just wish I was a little more “normal” when it came to my weekends. Enough complaining for now! I am tired of hearing myself whine. I promise for a more upbeat post next time.