11 Months

Can’t believe it has been 11 months since our wedding. It is also the day of the Royal Wedding. (Wasn’t she beautiful!!!)

Now’s the big question, and it’s not when to start a family but what should we do to celebrate! We don’t have time for a weekend away but I feel like we need to make it special. The first anniversary sets the precedent for all the other anniversaries to come. Please send your suggestions our way. I can’t wait to celebrate our first year as husband and wife. Plus we get to sample our cake. But we’ve decided we are going to order a small replica just in case it is freezer burned.

After watching all this footage of the Royal Wedding, I want to get married all over again.

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  1. What about you guys going back to the place that you got married for the day? Maybe packing a picnic and just reliving the memories?