Happy Birthday to the one and only, John Keith Stokes!

I can’t believe my precious great-nephew is turning six tomorrow. It seems like yesterday I was holding him right after he was born. The past six years he has been an absolute blessing to my family. I’ve never known a child with a heart as big as John’s. He doesn’t know a stranger and everyone is his friend. Even at two years old he was yelling across a restaurant for a little boy to come sit with him. At my wedding he made new best friends with G’s nephew and first cousin’s children, who he told them “I am your new cousin now”, ha ha. He is also the little boy who brings together all the kids of the playgroup at the park in a city he doesn't know anyone in to play one big game of chase. I have so many more John Keith stories and so many sayings that I could go on for days… but I will spare you. So I will leave it with this, Happy Birthday John Keith Stokes, may you continue to bless people with your smile and big heart. I love you and am so proud to be your aunt!!!!

P.S. No matter how old you are you will always be my sweet little Elmer Fudd baby!

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