Roden Tidwell Wedding

This weekend my dear friend, Lara got married. I was honored to serve as her wedding coordinator. Lara is the girl that keeps up with all the happenings of her friends (and this girl has a lot of friends). She also has a gift of making everyone feel special. She is by far the most thoughtful person I know. I was actually thankful to have the opportunity to give back to the girl who has given to so many, including myself.

Here are a few pictures that I managed to take during the hectic day.


I was reminded this weekend of why I love weddings so much. It’s all the love and excitement…. And not just between the bride and the groom. I love that friends and family come together for two people. I always tell my brides at work to cherish their entire wedding weekend. And that the next time all of their friends and family are together celebrating them will be their funeral so soak it all in. It sounds a little harsh but it is so true. I love the closeness of everyone. I can honestly say that Lara and Tim did take the time to cherish everyone who attended and one another. So brides and grooms, take note. Walk around and talk to all your guests. Take moments to steal away with one another and your loved ones.

Mother Nature wasn’t very kind to Tim and Lara on their wedding day but seeing her and Tim’s love for one another definitely shined through the rain clouds. Lara selected some amazing vendors. I honestly have nothing but great things to say about them all. So here’s the scoop on her wedding day. E-mail me for any of their contact information.

Venue: Belle Meadow Farms, Lascassas, TN

DJ: Live Media Relations

Florist & Decorator: Emily Beals Moshopoulos

Bakery: Cedar City Cakes

Rentals: Stewart’s Special Evens

Caterer: Slick Pig

Bartender: Jesse George

Photographer: Rebecca Walker Photography

I can’t wait to see more pictures from Rebecca Walker Photography. Oh and if you Instagram check out the #tidwellweddingtn . So many great moments and details were captured.

Lastly, I leave you with this picture that I stole borrowed from one of Lara’s friends. It flash flooded all day on Saturday so it was pretty muddy plus it was sprinkling when it was time for Lara to walk down the aisle. I couldn’t let her dress get muddy so I carried it in the back. I love this photo. I actually, kind of, blend in.

Living in Limbo Land

We've hit another bump. Greyson calls me yesterday afternoon to say our realtor called him to let us know that the financing fell through for the people who are buying our house. Everyone is confident (but me) that they will be able to work it out with a new lender. Plus the situation with the new house still isn't resolved. I feel like a crazy person. I'm not in control and it is killing me. I keep surrendering our problems to God and then picking them up and worrying again. Why do we do that? Please pray for my trust to deepen, for peace and that His will be done.

Bump in the Road

All week I've looked forward to moving day and now I wish time would stand still. We got a call no one wants to get when they are in the process of closing on a new house. "I'm sorry but you're loan was declined." The crazy thing is I dreamt receiving this call a few weeks ago. When I saw I had a missed call from our loan officer, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. The new house is zoned rural development (it is right outside of the city limits) so we qualified for a USDA loan. There is a maximum income level for this type of loan. When the numbers at the government office were run they projected our earnings to be much higher than what we will receive due to Greyson working overtime in recent months. Their projection is $1,900 over this limit. Since Greyson's company often times has freezes on overtime, there is no way he will actually make that amount. We are hoping his employer can provide a letter stating such. Sadly, we move tomorrow into the new house and may only be there for three weeks which is the term of our lease leading up to our closing date on that house. It breaks my heart to think about living in that house for just 3 weeks. God has blessed our journey beyond our wildest imagination. I pray it continues to be blessed. PLEASE pray for us. I'm sad to leave our house for the unknown.



I feel fortunate to have close friends that share in my passion for adoption. One of my friends, Trina, recently sent me a trailer for a new documentary about adoption and its need for reform. It is called Stuck. The premises behind the documentary is to expose the current wait time with international adoptions and other obstacles that are keeping children in orphanages and away from their forever homes. In a great sense these children really are stuck. This past Friday, Trina and I watched Stuck. It is incredible. These families’stories will leave a lasting impression on your heart. I pray this documentary starts conversations and changes current policies. We have to begin to put people over policy. You can watch it online at www.stuckdocumentary.com. I would encourage everyone to watch it or at least watch the trailer shown below.

Also, please take one minute to sign a petition asking congress, global leaders and President Obama to take specific actions to change the landscape of adoptions. http://www.change.org/petitions/make-a-child-s-right-to-a-family-our-priority


Our New Home

Wow! God is good. We have a new house!
The reason for this post isn’t to say look at us but look at God and His provision. As I previously shared, G and I prayed when we decided to put our current house on the market that we would only move if God moved us. Anytime there is a major decision to be made my prayer is that God would only open doors that are meant to be open and close doors that are not meant to be. In the case of finding our new home, He has done that and more than we could ever imagine. I am humbled to serve a God that blesses above your wildest imagination.
Since our offer on the new house was just accepted this week, we will close on our current house two- three weeks before we can close on the new house. The reason for this is because real estate is booming in Rutherford County. Appraisers and loan offices are averaging around ten days behind. Although this was not to our advantage, I am so thankful that we live in an area that did not feel the effects of the recession in comparison to others. Therefore, we are almost back to a pre-recession recession real estate market. You know I am proud of where I live. Just this week, Rutherford County was nationally ranked number two for job growth. Anyways…. With the closing dates being a few weeks apart, we thought we would be homeless (aka living in a hotel and with family members). Thankfully, God had another and far greater plan. We received a call from our realtor on Thursday saying the current owner of the house we are buying would like to rent the home to us until we are able to close. He also is renting it to us for half of what our mortgage payment will be. We were amazed and so grateful. We had planned to store our stuff in a portable storage until we were able to close while we were living at the hotel. Now, this will not be needed. We get to move into our new home in 13 days. We are ecstatic. We are also amazed by God’s provision and blessing. I am so thankful for all the prayers that have been said on our behalf and for the people who have rejoiced with us. ALL THE GLORY GOES TO HIM!
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. – Ephesians 3:30 (NLT)
I can fit everything into a pattern for good but only to extent that you trust me. – Jesus Calling
Now I am off to pack….