Bump in the Road

All week I've looked forward to moving day and now I wish time would stand still. We got a call no one wants to get when they are in the process of closing on a new house. "I'm sorry but you're loan was declined." The crazy thing is I dreamt receiving this call a few weeks ago. When I saw I had a missed call from our loan officer, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. The new house is zoned rural development (it is right outside of the city limits) so we qualified for a USDA loan. There is a maximum income level for this type of loan. When the numbers at the government office were run they projected our earnings to be much higher than what we will receive due to Greyson working overtime in recent months. Their projection is $1,900 over this limit. Since Greyson's company often times has freezes on overtime, there is no way he will actually make that amount. We are hoping his employer can provide a letter stating such. Sadly, we move tomorrow into the new house and may only be there for three weeks which is the term of our lease leading up to our closing date on that house. It breaks my heart to think about living in that house for just 3 weeks. God has blessed our journey beyond our wildest imagination. I pray it continues to be blessed. PLEASE pray for us. I'm sad to leave our house for the unknown.

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