Sweet Missy

My childhood dog who lived with us this past year passed away a couple of weeks ago. Ironically, it was on our wedding anniversary while we were at the beach. Missy was in Florence at the house where we both grew up.

It was love at first sight for me and that pup. When I was in the 6th grade, my parents told me I could get a dog for Christmas. My parents spent time researching the best dog breed and patrolling the paper for that perfect dog. A local civic organization hosted a live television auction on channel 3 (which in most small towns is "the local channel") every year before Christmas. I was flipping through every so often on that Saturday morning and the lights from heaven shined down on this tee tiny black and white puppy. She was eight weeks old, from the local pound. The starting bid was $20 which not only included the adorable dog but also free spaying and 10 free visits to Di's Dip and Clip..  I tell no lie! I ran down the stairs as fast as I could yelling for dad to turn it on channel 3.  He did as I demanded. I picked up the phone. "I'm bidding $40." My dad quickly told me I could bid $25 and that was it. No other bids. No matter what. Well just as luck would have it. I was the only person that made a bid on that sweet mutt. 

Missy came to live with us last year. I will be forever thankful for this extra time I spent with her. It's crazy to think about just how long I had her. I am so thankful for each one of those 16 years. 

While it wasn't easy saying goodbye, I am thankful she did passed away "at home." I just hate my poor dad had to suffer another loss. It's crazy but the night we left her in Florence before we headed to the beach, I couldn't help but think that Missy felt my pain of being back home with mom gone. As crazy as it sounds, I know she sensed the change and the deep hurt within me that last night I stood with her in the backyard of both our childhood home. I can't help but think that Missy knew it would be best to go while I was away.... I without a doubt know the Big Man Upstairs did. It's overwhelming to think that God even planned the right time for my dog to pass away but He did. He knew how much worse it would have hurt to have seen Missy in her final hour. He knew how much heartache I've endured this year. 

While we've since adopted a new dog, there will never be another Missy.  That crazy wild pup turned into the most laid back and loyal dogs. We will miss you, sweet Missy but we know you are running around and feasting on the best table scraps heaven has.