I feel fortunate to have close friends that share in my passion for adoption. One of my friends, Trina, recently sent me a trailer for a new documentary about adoption and its need for reform. It is called Stuck. The premises behind the documentary is to expose the current wait time with international adoptions and other obstacles that are keeping children in orphanages and away from their forever homes. In a great sense these children really are stuck. This past Friday, Trina and I watched Stuck. It is incredible. These families’stories will leave a lasting impression on your heart. I pray this documentary starts conversations and changes current policies. We have to begin to put people over policy. You can watch it online at www.stuckdocumentary.com. I would encourage everyone to watch it or at least watch the trailer shown below.

Also, please take one minute to sign a petition asking congress, global leaders and President Obama to take specific actions to change the landscape of adoptions. http://www.change.org/petitions/make-a-child-s-right-to-a-family-our-priority


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