August: A Busy Month and A Lot of Celebrating

August has proved itself to be a month of celebrating. We have got to spend a lot of time with our friends, which is rare these days. We kicked off the month hanging out with our friends Chris and Meg, celebrating Meg’s birthday. We started her birthday celebrations with a boat ride on the lake on afternoon after work. This was my first time out on the lake on a boat all summer. For a girl who was raised on the Tennessee River and most of her first memories were on my parents’ boat, the mere thought of this makes me want to cry. That Friday we all went out to Old Chicago Pizza to continue her birthday celebration. We then had Libby’s birthday party and had some of our close friends over for a cookout.
The next weekend, was graduation weekend. Two of my friends graduated from MTSU. We went to a shrimp boil in Brentwood on Friday night for Andrea’s boyfriend, Nick, graduation party. The next day Ashley came into town for another one of our friend’s, Alex, graduation party in Mt. Juliet. It was so much fun catching up with everyone and playing corn hole. Sunday, we went to Miller’s Grocery in Christiania after church to eat with my friend who was in town and some more friends. It is such a rare occasion now for her to come into town that it is always a celebration. (Miller’s plug: If you ever get the chance to go to Miller’s Grocery on a Sunday do not pass up the opportunity. It is a buffet of the best country food you can imagine and your choice of about ten or more desserts. It is heavenly. But make sure you don’t have dinner plans because you will not be able to eat.)
On Thursday the 19th, while they were at the beach, Andrea and Nick got ENGAGED! She called me twice while I was giving Libby a bath and Andrea never calls me twice so I knew something was up. I called her back and got her voicemail. She then sent me a text that said “I will call you in ten minutes. You better pick up.” As soon as she said that I knew. I texted her back “are you engaged”, knowing that she was a good friend and a good friend would never text “yes” back. So I then did what any good friend would do. I waited 10 minutes and she still had not called me so I called her. And the first words out of my mouth were “are you engaged”. And she said “YES”. I started screaming and crying and Libby went and hit from me because I was acting like a crazy person. I have never been so happy for anyone in my life. She deserves to be happy more than anyone I know. They are the perfect pair and I love them so much. On Friday, I met them when they pulled into town with Gigi’s cupcakes (wedding cake flavor) to celebrate. The next day, Greyson got a rare call. His work called and told him to take the day off. He had worked 14 hours on Friday. We went out to dinner and to the movies like a normal couple, ha ha. It was so nice. We had such a great time. On Sunday, we went to church and then I went to Hartsville (his hometown) to his cousin’s baby shower that I was helping host. She got so many cute things. I am so excited. This little girl has two wonderful parents and such a loving family. I can’t wait to meet her in late September, early October.
And next weekend we are going to a friend’s wedding reception. WOW! As you can see, August has definitely been a month of celebrating. And let the celebrations continue in September with my birthday, the marriage of Trina and Marshall, and Trina’s birthday.

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