You’re invited to ….

Another pity party hosted by yours truly.

Unfortunately, I am having another one of those days/ weeks and of course this comes after my vow to not complain (I am saving that for another post). G has been working some CRAZY hours this week thanks to their largest golf tournament of the year. Try 16 hour days without a day off. Let’s just say I am beyond frustrated and miss my husband dearly. I want to be the most supportive wife ever but it is hard to support hours like those. Plus, I am tired of saying, “No, it will just be me. Greyson has to work.” Literally I am sick and tired of it. I say it at least once a day and I don’t know if I have it in my being to say it anymore. I desperately need a weekend away or just a weekend at home with my husband but that doesn’t look like that will happen until January.

Prayers are appreciated every though I don’t have a specific request but I know God knows what we need to get through this.

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