Revisiting the Warm Weather Bucket List

In March, I made a Warm Weather Bucket List of all the things I hoped to accomplish this spring and summer. Since Monday was Labor Day, I decided it was time to revisit the list and see how I did.
1. Go to the beach more than once. We just checked this one off our list this week. We went to Pawleys Island, SC in June with Greyson’s family and we just returned from five days in Saint Simons, GA.
2. Have friends over to cook out as often as possible. Well, summer was busier than we planned. This happened once. Chris and Emily, you should feel special (ha, ha). We did host a Surprise 30th Anniversary Party for Ashley's parents. We just didn't cook out that night.
3. Get a tan. Well in June, I was probably the tannest I have been since my College Grove pool days with Ashley but after my tanning package expired (or truth be known I think I went eight times) and we got back from our June beach trip it all went downhill from there. My body didn’t see much sun in July and August.
4. Grill at least twice a week. We did ok in this department. I think we did it so much the first couple of months that we got burnt out. I will say though that G has perfected his hamburger.

5. Take advantage of the neighborhood pool every opportunity possible. Let’s see…. I had two pool days with friends, one afternoon swim with John, and a few weekend afternoons by myself or with G. Again, I did ok in this department. I definitely didn’t take advantage of it as much as I would like. I did use it more than I ever used my apartment pools.
6. Go to the river more than once. Ha ha, ha ha! This happened one time. COMPLETE FAILURE! Thank you though to Susie for one great afternoon on the river.
7. Watch G play golf once. Well I watched 15 holes out of 18 but who is really counting. I took a long bathroom break. It was 100 degrees people. I did have a great time doing this though. It was at a memorial tournament for G’s college golf coach. We reminisced in Cookeville the entire weekend. We both realized those were truly the good ole days.
8. Girls trip! THIS HAPPENED TOO! I am so proud that we made this happen. Surprisingly we did it in between two moves and one house getting destroyed by a sewage flood. We enjoyed every second of it. We went to Birmingham because it was equal distance for all three. We acted like we were 19 again and had a blast ever minute of it.
9. Eat as many fresh veggies as possible. I think we got a little burnt out of this too. I am proud to say we are eating fresh veggies this week though.

10. Wear nothing but sun dresses. Check mark but an easy one.

11. Take advantage of Arrington Vineyards being 12 miles away. Umm, this happened once but at least it did happen!
12. Hang out with our niece and nephews as much as possible while they are out of school. We had John at our house a couple of times. We also spent Memorial Day, vacation and 4th of July with Isaiah and Evelyn.
Overall, I would say I did pretty well. I didn't do things as often as I would have liked to but at least I did do every item. I don't think I took into consideration when I made this list that I still had to work and continue volunteering my time with the organiazations I am a part of. I am actually looking forward to fall and I don't have my September Blues like I normally do. I think I might even make a fall bucket list.

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