The Newest Painter

We've grown by 4 feet. And no, I'm not pregnant with twins. My childhood dog who will soon be 16 is now a permanent resident at the Painter house.  My parents brought her up a few weeks ago to take her to my brother-in-law who is a vet. We all thought he would say  it was time to put her down. She wasn't eating well and was barely getting around. Well that soon changed. She got a great report. She does have arthritis but  he advised us to give her baby aspirin and a vitamin supplement. You would not believe the difference these two things have made.  We've seen a drastic change since we started doing this. Before she wouldn't attempt to climb our deck stairs and now she is up and down them all day. She also is already at her food bowl waiting to gobble down every bite when we go to feed her. At this rate she may very well live forever. She has been doing so well here we decided it was best for her to spend her final time with me. Plus I think my parents were happy I finally came back for my dog.  Dad said she just missed me.  I seriously doubt it considering I've been gone for nine years! Libby isn't the biggest fan of Missy but she mainly just ignores her. Thankfully Missy is an outside dog and very low maintenance. She is a sweetheart. Welcome to the Boro Missy. 

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