How It Goes

This is Greyson’s third week on the new job. So far he loves it. Of course there have been some adjustments and the stress that comes with any situation but he’s not regretting his decision at all. I also love his new schedule. And he has definitely been enjoying his afternoon and weekend rounds of golf.

We both thought this new job would mean much more time together and although, our time together has doubled we somehow forgot that I lead a pretty busy life with work and all the organizations I am a part of. I guess because when I was busy he was at the golf course so we never dealt with my busy life interfering with our time together. For instance, this was the conversation that occurred two weekends ago when we were planning our meals for the week.
Greyson: What would you like for dinner this week?
Amy: Humm… I’ve been craving chili. How does that sounds?
Greyson: Good and I was thinking grilled chicken one night.
Amy: Well I have a MYP Community Outreach meeting Tuesday night, a dinner with the girls on Wednesday night that we’ve already had to reschedule once and Thursday night I will be out of town at my Leadership Rutherford retreat.
Greyson: So chili Monday night it is.

He has been a pro about it though. He said if I waited two years for him then he could wait a few nights a week on me. I do think it will be juggle though for me and very much a transition for us both. I am use to going to my meetings and not keeping him informed on my schedule. It was on the kitchen calendar before and that is all he needed but now he wants to know my schedule a week in advance.

Oh we also kind of forgot I have to work some on the weekends…. Crazy sounding, I know. But seriously it is like we forgot. Just this week, I worked on Sunday at a Bridal Show and I have to work this Saturday because we are hosting a football team at the hotel. It never mattered before because he worked every weekend. But now he wants to plan stuff on the weekends and the next available date I can give him because of work or other commitments is the first weekend in November…. Eek! I’ve heard him say once already he wishes I could slow down. Hopefully things will slow down for me soon but I guess this is how it goes.

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