Time to Turn the Page

Time to turn the page; it is a new chapter in the Painter book. Today was G’s last day at SRCC. As you know from all my former posts G has been working A LOT this summer A WHOLE LOT. It got to where he was doing nothing but working, eating and sleeping and had no time for family, friends or fun. After MUCH consideration and countless prayers he decided to apply for some jobs outside of the golf industry. I kept praying that God would not open any doors unless they were supposed to be open. Well, God has a way of confirming things with us. G got not only one offer with a company he worked with but he got two offers from that company. He is going to work at HCA which is very different from work he has been doing but he is finally getting to use that MBA of his.  Just kidding, G!

We appreciate everyone’s’ prayers during this transition. But we are very excited about this new chapter. And so thankful to God for his provision!

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