War Eagle

Greyson and I just returned from a great weekend at our friends, Ashley and David’s house in Columbus, GA. We had a great time. Ashley and I have been best friends since we were sophomores in college and I know without a doubt that we will always be best friends. Ashley and David live close to Auburn now so it was a great excuse to go to a game this weekend. Funny part is Ashley and I have been going on trips to Auburn since we were sophomores in college so I am super jealous that she lives so close now. We’ve had tons of great times in Auburn and we don’t mind telling you our stories…. And boy do we have some. Our poor husbands got to hear several of them too. We even have some from this trip. Let’s just say some things never change. I love this girl to pieces and I couldn’t imagine life without her. And we sure know how to have some fun when we are together. I can’t wait to visit them both more often now that G has a “normal” job.





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  1. I'm glad y'all had fun! And I looove that pic from 2006!