No Promise of Tomorrow

Yesterday in Nashville there was a large pile up that involved over 50 cars. Unfortunately one life was lost. A life that my husband knew. A life of a young husband of only six weeks. A life of a brother whose sister was supposed to get married this weekend. A life of a son whose father was his best friend.

I have not been able to get this family out of my head. Last night as I was taking a bath after a long and stressful day and I glanced over at a picture of Greyson and I on our wedding day. I began to think about how I felt on my wedding day and as a new bride. It was G and I against the world. My mind was full of hopes and dreams of our future. We were giddy and so excited about our new journey. Then I started to think about how Paul’s wife must feel after losing her husband after only six weeks of marriage. I imagined her feeling robed of her hopes, dreams and life with her groom. I began to cry and then I lost it. My heart ached for this girl and all his loved ones. He was on his way to work and just like that he was gone.

Then I started to go a place of what if that had been me? Did I kiss Greyson before work this morning? Did I tell him how much I loved him? I know it may sound cheesy but during my breakdown in the tub the lyrics to “If Tomorrow Never Comes” echoed loudly in my head. Today I have been conscious more than ever of making sure G got a goodbye and welcome home kiss and a hug and tell him how much I love him.

I hope you will join me in praying for this family. Please pray for comfort, peace and that they will be surrounded by people who will minister to their every need. I pray that God would bring people in their lives that have been through similar tragedies. I pray that even in their grief they will find joy.

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