Happy Birthday Isaiah & Evelyn

We celebrated Isaiah and Evelyn's birthday last weekend. Isaiah turned 8 on Monday and Evelyn turns 5 next week. I don't know where the time has gone.

Greyson and I have aunt and uncle guilt because we do not see the kids as often as we would like. We decided to take them to dinner at Logan's Saturday night.

They felt so big to go out to eat with us. And since we picked up their birthday cakes for Heather, we had to have dessert at Baskin Robbins.

Heather and Michael threw a family party for them on Sunday. Isaiah's big gift was an I-pod. His Uncle Greyson taught him how to FaceTime. We've had fun talking to him this week. Evelyn got lots of dolls and Barbies. Ruby and I are working on bonding. She's become rather attached to her momma. I miss my sweet cuddle time with her. I guess I need to see her more often. Check out these sweet kiddos. (And yes, Ruby's hair bow is BIG. The Painter women believe the bigger the bow the closer to God... Ha ha!)

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