My "First" Wedding

I survived my first wedding on Saturday, February 6. No, Greyson and I aren’t having multiple ceremonies. I help coordinate my first wedding at Doubletree. February started in full force and I feel like I am just now getting a moment to breathe. The week of the wedding I had my first session of premarital counseling (which I have to spend 2 hours in the car for, one hour there, and one back, and over an hour of counseling), hosted a small dinner party, had back to back functions and went to the Chamber’s Annual Banquet. Right after the wild wedding weekend, Doubletree hosted Business After Hours and my boss Stephanie and I oversaw the whole thing. It was a successful night but it’s been nonstop since the beginning of the month.
My first wedding will be something to remember even during all of this madness. The bride had a very sweet spirit about her and had every detail of her wedding down in her head from my first meeting with her. I will always remember that about her. When working with brides there are a lot of uncertainties. Major decisions have to be made like first dance or cake cutting first. Who should they include at the head table, and the list goes on and on. Not this bride she knew exactly where she wanted everything and how she wanted everything to look. But the most memorable thing about her won’t be her ability to envision every moment of her big day, it will be snowflakes. And I am not talking about all the snow we’ve received outside. I am talking about the snowflakes that hung from the ceiling at Target during the holidays. This bride and her mother saw them over Christmas and knew they had to have them at her wedding. So Target gave them to her. So the Friday before the wedding in midst of sales visits and the Chamber banquet my boss and I hung 6 foot long snowflakes from the ballroom ceiling at Doubletree. I’ve never laughed and griped about something more in my life. It was a hard task and so was overseeing a wedding where the bride knew exactly what she wanted and nothing else would do. But it was also very rewarding. When we got ready to leave the wedding the bride hugged me tightly and thanked me for making her day “perfect”. I left feeling like I had provided a real service to someone even if it meant hanging snowflakes for the ballroom ceiling. I helped make her special day “perfect” just like she planned. It reinforced that I had made the right decision in making this career move to the hospitality industry. I will forever be a part of this couple’s special day and for that I am beyond grateful to have that opportunity.

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