WOW- Where did February go? But I am definitely glad it is gone. I am tired of the cold weather and ready for spring and more ready for May 29. This past weekend was another rollercoaster ride of wedding planning. My Aunt Debbie recommended a lady that does cakes in the area that we are getting married at. Greyson and I made an appointment to meet with her on Saturday with my uncle’s business. The lady forgot about our appointment that I drove over 70 miles together. We then waited an hour for her and she still had not shown up. I called the lady to let her know I was leaving. I couldn’t trust someone who forgot an appointment and then made me wait over an hour to make my wedding cake. It may seem a little bridezilla of me but I just wasn’t able to put my trust in her.
We then left there to meet with our caterers. They amazed me from the beginning. Awaiting for us in the room we met in was appetizers and every requests I had they were more than happy to accommodate. They even offered to do things the day of the wedding that go way beyond their job duties. I feel so blessed that they are going to be such a big part of our big day.
From there, we went to Publix in Spring Hill to order the wedding cake and the groom’s cake. Greyson and I came to the conclusion that it was too hard for us to coordinate with one person and we don’t know when we could find someone else or make the time to drive and meet with them. Publix was very accommodating. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. You can get a beautiful cake customized at fractions of the costs as most bakeries.
The only thing left on our to-do- list is the band and bartender. And I have prospects for both. So as for now, wedding planning is at the top of the rollercoaster.

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  1. Awesome! My mom and I got a bunch of stuff done today for the wedding as well and are going back out tomorrow :o)