Lairdland Farm House

This past weekend I went to my wedding venue site to plan the layout of the ceremony and reception with my good friend, Trina and my future mother-in-law, Nancy. It was a very productive day. We met with my florist. It was nice to finally meet a florist who was price conscious. I am very fortunate though that my wedding site is covered in flowers in the spring so I am purchasing minimal flowers. This way I can spend more money on things that are more important to me like good food and good music.

Our wedding venue is very unique. It is an old farm house dating back to the civil war called Lairdland Farm House. There is a lot of history there. The owners are a precious elderly couple who are the biggest history buffs I have ever met. It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time to get married outside of an old southern home and I am so excited my dream is getting to come true. Lairdland Farms fits me but many people have asked about the location of it. Lairdland is located in Cornersville, Tennessee. Very few people know where this is because they have one red light. Think Mayberry with rolling Tennessee Hills and you’ve got Cornersville pictured. It is actually a perfect location for us. Cornersville is located one hour south of Nashville and Murfreesboro, two hours from Hartsville where Greyson is from and an hour and a half from Florence which is my hometown. It is two miles off of Exit 22 off of Interstate 65. Also, majority of my family (besides my mom and dad) live within a twenty mile radius of the farm. (I can’t tell you who many times I have explained this. Maybe writing about it will save me from saying it a few more times.)

We both immediately fell in love with the place back in September when we first visited and I fell even more in love with it this past weekend. One of the big sellers for us was that there are two cabins adjoining the property that we can use. My bridesmaids and I are having a slumber party the night before. I can’t wait.
We are working with the caterer and the rental place this week getting all of the details nailed out. After this week the only big item left on my to-do list will be to find a band. I am still working on this one. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
In the mean time check out Lairdland Farm House at http://www.lairdlandfarmhouse.com/

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