Lessons from Libby

Greyson and I have already have a child together, her name is Libby. Well actually we have a dog but considering how much both of our lives already revolve around her, I think we should have the right to call her our child. We constantly joke about how good of a life Libby has. But we both realized lately there are 3 great lessons we could learn from her that we came up with together as we were talking the other night.

Lesson 1: Show your love for one another. Neither one of us have never been ignored by
Libby when we walk into the front door. She is immediately runs to us and tries to jump to the top of our heads to greet us. At night time, she always gets on the couch with me and tries to give me kisses and then snuggles with me. Libby is constantly showing her love towards us. Each morning when I wake up it is like she hasn’t seen me in days. The constant show of love is a great reminder to us how we need to show each other how much we love one another and never assume the other person knows.

Lesson 2: Love unconditionally. It doesn’t matter if we have just scolded her within seconds her tail is back wagging. She never holds grudges towards us. She forgives instantly. I’ve been told the key to a successful marriage is forgiveness. Holding grudges does nothing but build up anger. May we forgive as easily as Libby.

Lesson 3: Be content with what you have. Libby eats the same food every day. She plays with the same toys everyday. She stays at home almost all day every day, yet she is content with what she has. Each time she hears food being poured in her bowl she comes running. She plays with the same toys for hours each night. Fetch never gets old. TRUST US! We’ve probably spent over 100 hours in the last year just playing fetch with her. She is content and grateful for everything she has. It’s as if she takes nothing for granted. I hope Greyson and I will do the same and always be content with our earthly possessions and with one another. And may we never take one single moment we have with one another for granted.

As you can see Libby is more than just a dog to us. We have not only had to train her but she has trained us on some valuable lessons as we begin our lives together.

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