A Little Progress

Greyson and I have made a little progress this week on wedding planning. We purchased several things this past Saturday at Hobby Lobby’s 50% off wedding selections sale. We are trying not to break the bank on this wedding, mainly Billy’s bank (my dad). We found some great things at great deals. We bought a unity candle holder, guest book and pen, garter, tea candles to go around our centerpieces and lots of thank you notes in preparation for all of our showers we have coming up,

And the item I am most excited about, our invitations! I purchased them at Michael’s. They are ivory with purple swirls and purple ribbon. We are going to get them printed at Kinkos. I can’t wait to hear people’s reactions of them. We are going to have an envelope stuffing party early in March with our friends. I thought if we feed them they will work and we won’t spend hours doing it ourselves. I’ll be sure to blog about the party.

And another exciting start, we have our first premarital counseling session with Brother Darryl Turner of First Baptist Church of Hartsville on February 2. Brother Darryl is a precious man of God and we are both honored he has decided to guide us during this time and to officiate our wedding. I already have many ideas and scripture that I want to be apart of the ceremony. I will share some of my ideas and scripture in another post soon.

My new job is still going great! I have some busy days ahead of me though. We are booked solid with conferences and weddings starting tomorrow and ending Monday so I’m heading towards my bed. Until next time!


  1. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see the invitations. They sound so cool! Madison will want to frame it since purple is her favorite color in the whole wide world. Be glad to help with stuffing if you need an extra pair of hands.

    Here goes your old aunt giving you advice. Don't be afraid to ask questions about "what ifs." The counseling sessions are so very important. Try to talk about as many subjects as possible...children, faith you want to practice, goals for both your careers, housing plans, and most importantly, money. It is better to talk about these issues before marriage than after. I will get off my soap box now. Love to both of you!

  2. Hey Girl,
    Do you know if they are still having that sale? I still need all that kind of stuff. I just started working on the invitations last night, like the wording and stuff so I am slowly getting it all done :o)