Today I said goodbye to my sweet friend Seth at work. We sent him off in true DoubleTree style by throwing him a surprise party. It was complete with all his favorites, Chick Fil A and chocolate cake! Seth has been so much more than a co-worker to so many employees at our hotel and he has been more than a front desk agent to our guests. I know without a doubt he has blessed each and every single manager at our property (all 17 us) in some capacity and I am sure majority of the rest of the staff feels the same way. And we’ve heard of countless stories from guests on his service to them. You may have heard of someone being described with the ability to light up a room, well I think that expression was coined with Seth in mind. I have honestly never met anyone like him. And the greatest thing about his light is it radiates Christ’s love. So it makes total and perfect sense that God has called him to a life of missions.

Seth has a powerful testimony. One I have wanted to share on here many times but have been cautious of doing so. The reason is because it is not mine to share and I never want anyone to label him anything other than a believer and a follower of Christ. But I believe that his testimony has power and it deserves to be told.

Seth is gay and before we all put our not so glamorous judging Christian hats on, listen to the rest. Seth is not a practicing homosexual. While he desires to be with a man, he actively chooses not to, because his personal relationship with Jesus Christ means more to him than anything else in this world. He knows nothing compares to the love of Christ and because his nature does not follow with God’s word, he surrenders his desire daily. I hope you are all saying, “WOW” right now. I am sure if we were to all take even a small look in the mirror we would all see an image that wouldn’t reflect the very nature of Christ but our own human nature. And how many of us actively give up something every day because we value our relationship with Jesus Christ more? Yes, I have my battles but I can’t say that there is one deep desire that I have to surrender daily.

Seth has been a true inspiration to me and a great friend. I only hope I have blessed him as half as he has me. I am so proud to have been on part of this journey with him. I will never forget the day he told me God was laying missions on his heart. I hope Seth has been inspiration to you and I know God is going to use him for so many great things for the glory of His Kingdom. I also hope each of you will take a few minutes and pray for Seth. He is about to embark on a huge change by leaving everything he knows to go live halfway around the world. Pray for his transition and for the hearts of those he is going to meet.

He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." _ Mark 16:15

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