Last weekend we celebrated Isaiah’s 6th birthday and Evelyn’s 3rd. I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday they were both babies. Look at those sweet faces!

Their birthdays are a week a part so for the last three years we have combined their parties. Since Isaiah is in school now, I am sure this will be the last year my sister-in-law can get away with this. I couldn’t help feeling sad throughout the party though. I can’t believe how we have turned around and they are now 6 and 3. I can’t imagine how my sister-in-law feels. Having nieces and nephews on the other side of my family, I know that not only will this year probably be the last party they combine but one of the last parties their aunt and uncle are invited to. Ok, I may be a little dramatic but I just wish they would stay babies forever. Besides, babies don’t have wish lists for Christmas and birthdays, ha ha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAIAH AND EVELYN!

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