Moving Week

I am so excited. It is officially moving week for the Painter family. We close on Wednesday afternoon and move in on Saturday. I cannot wait to get into our first home. We are very fortunate that this house is turnkey ready. I do want to paint the living room and two of the bedrooms sometime but thankfully all the colors in the house are neutral. I just want to make it my own. For all of you who follow me on pineterest I am sorry I am filling up your feed with all my for the home pins.

G and I have used this weekend to pack as much as we can possibly stand and go through things. I don’t normally think of myself or G as a pack rat (except for G and his clothes but that is another story) but I am afraid some people would consider us hoarders after some of the things we found. For example this is just a small portion of some of things we found that either went to the dumpster or goodwill: floppy disk, a syllabus from a political science course from sophomore year, a laptop that hasn’t worked in 4 years, every owner’s manual from everything we’ve ever owned, old textbooks, one million pony tail holders stashed away in almost every drawer of our townhouse, at least 10 coolers, old license plates, old drivers licenses, and about a million mugs. And sadly this is our second round of purging things. My parents came up last weekend and house sat and went through a lot of our items then. I am determined to make our house as clutter free as possible. If we haven’t used it yet more than likely we will never use it.

Can’t wait to share pictures of our first home.

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