Great Day

Ever have one of those days where you go to bed that night and think, “wow, this was a truly great day”? I know I thank God for everyday even the bad ones because I know my blessings are still countless. But a couple of weeks ago, I had one of those days for me when it was just an incredible day and packed full of blessings.

I had to go to drug court …. for Leadership Rutherford credit (a leadership program I am going through). I just like the shock factor of saying that. You should have heard my phone conversation with my dad when I told him. I know he held his breath for a moment and thought if he was hearing me right. Especially, considering that I was his child on my senior trip who called him to come get me because one of the guys had pot in his room. Anyways,I expected court to be just a bunch of people getting some measly little sentences for their offenses. I did get to see a few minutes of this which was very interesting for me because I have never been inside a courtroom. Then I had the unique opportunity of watching over 15 people who are going through a recovery support program in lieu of jail time report to the judge about their progress with the program. Almost every single person had a job, tested drug free and was going through AA. A huge part of the program is attending multiple weekly meetings to talk about their addiction and ways to cope. They also all have to report to the judge weekly to discuss their progress. Since several of us where there from Leadership Rutherford the judge had the people going through the program address us. They had the opportunity to share with what the program had done for them. Over and over we heard “for the first time in my life: I am responsible for my own actions, I am trusted by loved ones, I am going to give birth to a baby without drugs in their system, I am able to pay my own bills, I have confidence, and I have a full time job. Each one of them had their head held high and was so proud to share their progress. When they finished the judge gave us the opportunity to ask questions about the program and address the participants. I was choking back tears so I didn’t say anything but I am so glad two of the men in our class addressed them. They both echoed my thoughts. They both told them how inspiring they are and if they can overcome addiction they can do anything. At the end of the year, I know I will not remember everything that I was taught during the program but I know I will not forget this experience. This experience made a lasting impression on me and one I hope remains with me.

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