Warm Weather Bucket List

I’ve made this known before but I hate cold weather. I am truly grateful for the mild winter we just had. I love all things spring and summer (except bugs but nothing is perfect). I’ve decided I am not going to get my September blues this year once things start to get cold and think of all the
things I should have done while the weather was warm. This year I am going to
make a list and do them all.

1. Go to the beach more than once. We have a trip planned in June and I want to go to the Gulf or Saint Simons before October.
2. Have friends over to cook out as often as possible.
3. Get a tan. Seriously, this year it is going to happen. My sweet husband just clipped a coupon for 50% off any tanning package and this girl got a 3 month unlimited package.
4. Grill at least twice a week. Oh wait, I always do that in the summer too. I don’t use the oven
in the summer time.
5. Take advantage of the neighborhood pool every opportunity
possible. That means late afternoons, weekends, by myself and with friends.
6. Go to the river more than once. I grew up on the Tennessee River and it kills me that I NEVER
get out on the lake now in the summer. If it means going home to Florence then that is what I will have to do.
7. Watch G play golf once. Marriage is about compromise and considering I haven’t watched him play since 2008, I think it is time.
8. Girls trip! It is an absolute must. I don’t care when or where but it has to happen.
9. Eat as many fresh veggies as possible. Love me some summer squash!
10. Wear nothing but sun dresses. Oh wait, I always do that in the summer.
11. Take advantage of Arrington Vineyards being 12 miles away.
12. Hang out with our niece and nephews as much as possible while they are out of school.

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