Let's Get Real

One of my favorite things about my relationship with G is how well we both know our own strengths and weaknesses in our marriage now. I know what I bring to the table (the good and bad) and he does too. As we are nearing our second anniversary, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier in our relationship. I am not trying to paint you a perfect little picture because it is far from that. It is just knowing where I am weak and strong and vise versa has somewhat taken some of the pressure off. He now knows I am cranky without sleep. I know he takes four years at the grocery store. I can’t really qualify it but coming to terms with who we are in our relationship has made a remarkable difference. The best part of nearing two years of marriage is I know his annoying traits and he knows mine. And by knowing them we can laugh at each other and try to see past all those annoyances. Here are a few random conversations or situations that are pure examples of us.

We had just left a marriage ceremony for a family friend. They had a hand ceremony, where they held one another’s hands and the preacher said something along the lines of, “these are the hands you will hold when you are happy, sad, weak and strong”. We got to the car and I held G’s hands and said, “and these are the hands you will want to choke one another with”. He laughed and said he thought the same thing.

The other night I somehow managed G to watch part of Sex and the City 2 the movie. There’s a part where Big and Carrie decide that they are going to be away from each other for two nights a week. I told G that didn’t sound like a bad idea. He in return tells me I preferred our original setup when we were dating in college long distance with 2 nights together and 5 nights apart. I told him that sounded even better.

We had just sat down to dinner after a long day and our door bell rings. I tell G to ignore it. Our cars where in the garage and none of our front lights were on. He told me that maybe one of the neighbors needed something. (Like people still borrow a cup of sugar from their neighbors!) He goes to the door and it is solicitors. He listens to their spill for over 15 minutes. I get impatient. Imagine that! I go to the door and tell the solicitors that we just sat down to dinner and that they need to come back at a later date. G stands there dumbfounded that I just did that. I closed the door and he tells me that they are just trying to earn a living like we are. Oh my!

So you see folks, life isn’t as grand as we make it all out to be or as G says as everyone makes their life out to be on facebook. My husband annoys me more than any other person on this earth and vise versa. But he is my husband. The one that is there holding my hand when things get rough, even when I’ve wanted to choke him with those same hands earlier that same day. So laugh at yourself and stop focusing on where the other one falls short but take notice of where they go long.

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