Today Greyson is playing his first tournament as a PGA Professional! In May he played his first tournament as a professional but this is the first tournament that he’s playing with his PGA status. He was officially accepted into the program last week. It literally took an act of God for this to happen. His course already has two PGA Pros so it took some convincing for the course to sign off on it but they did! He passed his test with flying colors and had taken his playing ability test last year. He then had to play the waiting game on the PGA to hear about his status.

The tournament he is playing at today and tomorrow is the City of Crossville State Team Championship
Honoring PGA Professional Bobby Nichols. Bobby Nichols was an American professional golfer, best known for winning the 1964 PGA Championship. He was also Greyson’s college golf coach. But calling him just his coach does not seem fitting. “Coach”was a mentor, a friend, a father, and always an encourager. He was not only these things for his players but he was to me as well. I am sure there are many others that can say the same thing. He was always teasing Greyson for being so cheap and telling me I deserved a nice dinner. He would let me ride around in his golf cart during tournaments. And trust me this was a big deal! Have you ever walked 18- 36 holes as a spectator? Golf and his players were his life. Unfortunately Coach is not here with us to see this day. He passed away after a short battle with cancer in March 2008. His last days were spent with his players surrounding his hospital bed and their friends and family including myself. Some of the players including Greyson had a tournament they were suppose to leave for the morning that he died. They went to the tournament because that is what Coach told them he wanted but as soon as they pulled into the parking lot of the golf course they received the call that they were expecting. They immediately got back on the bus to Cookeville to be with the rest of their team.

He meant so much to Greyson and was such a big part of Greyson’s golf career. It is only fitting that this tournament be named after him. Good luck G and we miss you Coach but know you are looking down smiling and telling him to “practice, practice, practice and when you are done, practice some more!!!

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