How's Married Life

We’ve been getting this question a lot. Sometimes I feel like it is a lot different and then sometimes I feel like a single girl all over again. The reason I say I feel like a single girl is because Greyson has a new schedule at work. He goes in late in the afternoon and gets home around bed time. So it is just me and Libby on the couch and dinning on cheese and crackers for dinner. I never minded cooking for one when I was living on my own but I hate the thought of it now. For some reason it is disappointing for me to prepare a meal and not have someone there to enjoy it with me. But I think we’re managing around this schedule pretty well. I think us living an hour away from each other the first three and half years of our relationship helped. I am use to doing stuff on my own and our time together minimal. Although, when we were dating our minimal time together was quality time and I can’t always say the same for now. But it is something we will have to adjust and work on. Thankfully we have our Monday nights to be together and lunch dates.
God has taught and revealed so much about Himself to us this past month and revealed more to us about one another. Our patience and determination is being tried daily. And we are learning to serve one another as encouragers when our patience wears thin. We want things to happen instantaneously with Greyson’s career. He has worked so hard in school and is entering into the PGA program to be a golf professional. His long time goal is to combine his level of education and love for golf and be a general manager of a golf course. I have no doubt in my mind that he can do it and will do it if it is God’s will but that job is not going to come overnight and he must work his way up in the industry, as he has already done so. We just both keep getting frustrated. We live in a world that wants things done instantly. We have to constantly remind ourselves and encourage one another. It hasn’t helped that he has received a lot of criticism lately. He has had several people ask him within the past two weeks what he was doing in the golf industry with his MBA in finance. He’s finally got where he tells them his heart. He doesn’t want to waste this life going to a job he hates like he has seen so many others do. Money does not outweigh happiness. As for me, I’ve never had something I was as passionate about as much is Greyson is about golf but I know I am suppose to be doing something else. God has not revealed to me what that is yet but I have a yearning in my heart that tells me this isn’t it. So we are both waiting for God to tell where He wants us. And wherever He leads we will go. Isn’t it incredible though when you really think about it? We don’t have to figure out what it is because God already knows. We just have to wait for His perfect timing.

Since the wedding is over I hope to continue to blog about our new journey together as husband and wife.

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