I Sing for Joy at the Work of Your Hand

I am writing with amazement of what God has done for us since I last blogged. We have both been so discouraged lately and then all of a sudden we have both taken a complete turnaround. God hasn’t reveled where or what He wants us but I can feel God’s hand guiding us in the right direction. Opportunities are landing in our laps and we are perusing them prayerfully.
I am filled with joy. But in order to find this joy I had to take a step back and look at what God was already doing and not what we wanted Him to do. I had to remind myself the words of one of my favorite hymns, “Morning by morning new mercies I see; all I have needed Thy hand hath provided. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!” I had to ask myself what were we really worried about. Everything we needed God was providing for us. We need nothing more than what we have right now. It was then when my attitude changed that things started to change. Doors have begun opening for us. I can’t wait to keep you updated on this journey.

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