Honeymoon in Key West

This is another recap blog. I wanted to savor some memories of our wonderful honeymoon in Key West. We left out for our Key West on Monday morning. A friend of mine had told me when she got married a few years earlier that they waited another day to leave out for their honeymoon and it was the best thing they ever did and wanted to pass on that advice to me. So now I am passing on this advice to anyone else who is planning a honeymoon. Do it and wait an extra day before you leave. Trust me you will be so exhausted from the wedding you will need a day to rest before you jet off to paradise. Besides if you have a reception that runs late like ours did that will only leave you a couple of hours before you have to be at the airport.
Our wonderful friend Trina let us leave our car at her place so we wouldn’t have to pay to store our car at the airport and she drove us to the airport at 4 am for our 6 am flight on Memorial Day. Did I tell you what a wonderful friend she is? Haha! From there we flew to Miami and had a short layover and we were in Key West by noon.
We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Waldorf Astoria Reach Resort. We arrived before check-in so we had our bags stored and decided to explore the island. We walked down Duval Street and took in the sights and sounds. We couldn’t help but feel like we were in a foreign country because there were so many Europeans vacationing there and there was definitely an island attitude. Within 3 blocks we saw chickens running around like we were in Cuba. And there was a whore house with a sign outside of it like a menu at a fast food restaurant with all of your options. Down a couple more blocks was Jimmy Buffett’s Margaretville and we decided to dine there for lunch. I had steamed shrimp and black beans. A lot of the dishes and restaurants had a lot of Cuban influence. And Greyson had one of his first of many Mahi Mahi sandwiches. We then walked backed to the hotel and enjoyed the pool until we could check in to our room.
The next morning it rained and was a little overcast but by the time we went down to the beach and had one of the cabana boys put out our chairs the sun was blazing down. We never saw another drop of rain. The temperatures were cooler in Key West than at home but I promise you this had to be one of the hottest places on earth. I’ve been to Mexico when it was 107 degrees outside and it did not compare! The UV index was unbelievable. One moment out in the sun without sunscreen and you were burnt. Thankfully we had our cabana boys who had umbrellas at the pool and beach. During the day we stayed out by the pool and ocean. The water and sand was so beautiful and most of the beaches at Key West are private. The beach at our resort was private and we had access to another Waldorf Astoria Resort that was one block away from ours that also had a private beach. There were several activities and games to play at both resorts, including our favorite, corn hole.
We ate some great seafood the entire trip. We ate at the famous Hog’s Breath and at the Sunset Pier, which is exactly a restaurant on an open pier. We saw some unbelievable sunsets at the pier, our resort and on the sunset dinner cruise we took our last night there. I think that had to be our favorite part of the entire trip. It was incredibly hot until the sun started to set but it was so worth it. I have never been in more awe of God’s great creation.
We had the best time and we kept saying over and over again how we felt like we made the perfect honeymoon choice for us. It was a perfect trip minus the plane ride from Miami home where we took a nose dive in the middle of the flight and had turbulence the entire way. We both thought that “until death do us part” was coming a lot sooner than later. Thankfully we landed safe and sound in Nashville and after kissing the ground, some more wonderful friends, Allison and Andrew, came and picked us up from the airport. I am so thankful for our wonderful first week as husband and wife and such an awesome honeymoon.

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