A Few of My Favorite (Christmas) Things

1. Kroger brand sugar cookie dough with Christmas tree sprinkles- It tastes better than any other brand. It comes precut and already has sprinkles and the best part it is a $1.76 for a pack of 24 cookies. They are perfect to take to a friend or a party. I’ve already taken them to one Christmas party, which leads me to my next favorite thing.
2. Christmas parties- I know a lot of people dread them but I love them especially my annual Christmas party with my girlfriends. We started the tradition in college and I hope we never miss a year.
3. Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry- My mother-in-law got me hooked on it a couple of years ago. We both have our fridges stocked full with it during the holidays.
4. Shutterfly.com- G and I ordered majority of our gifts this year for our families on Shutterfly using our wedding photos. They had some great deals this year too. We also ordered our Christmas cards from there which leads me to my next favorite thing.
5. Christmas cards- I think I started working on our Christmas cards in September. I only wish I was kidding. I debated over the design, scripture and picture for two months. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards especially ones with pictures.
6. Christmas music and yes, I dare to say it caroling- My church caroled every Christmas when I was little to our shut-ins. Yesterday, some of my co-workers and I went to an assisted living to carol. It brought back so many great memories and seeing the smiles on their faces as they sang along with us just warmed my heart.
7. Christmas pajamas- And not just any Christmas pajamas but Christmas pajamas from my mom. She has been giving me Christmas pajamas my entire life. It started because she wanted me to look nice on Christmas morning for pictures and the tradition hasn’t stopped and I hope it never does.
8. Giving- I love how giving everyone is at Christmas and there are so many opportunities to give. This year Greyson have given to three children in hopes their Christmas will be a little brighter.
9. Season of advent- I love being a part of a church that truly celebrates the season of advent. One definition of advent is “the arrival that has been awaited”. Each day of advent our church provides a devotional to help our church stay grounded in the true meaning of Christmas.
10. Old and new traditions- I have so many fond memories of Christmas traditions from my childhood and I am excited about the new traditions Greyson and I will begin as we start our lives and family together.

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