Six Months

Monday was our sixth month wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it. When I look at our wedding pictures I feel like it was yesterday. I am going to be completely honest and not pretend that we have it “all figured out” or “all together” because that is far from the truth. What we do have is God and His grace! There were some days I wondered what have I done? And I am sure G has thought the same. I thankful for all the people who told me marriage isn’t always easy. If they hadn’t I know there would have been days when I would have told myself that it wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

I am particularly thankful for the Klika’s, one of the couples that gathered around us and prayed for us at our wedding. They have been married 52 years and their love for one another is inspirational. When we decided to get married, Mrs. Klika sat me down and told me about some of their struggles they had faced and if it wasn’t for God they wouldn’t have made it through those times. She then told me that each night before they go to sleep that they pray together. She later gave me a hand carved cross from wood from the Holy Land to keep by our bedside to remember how important prayer is in a marriage. That cross sits on our nightstand.
There have been times in these last six months when we’ve come to God pleading for His provision. Marriage is hard work but it is also the most rewarding relationship you can have (aside from God).

I am so thankful to be married to the man who knows the good, bad and ugly and still loves me unconditionally. He is so good to me. Libby and I are treated like a princess and a queen. I can’t imagine having to live without him and hopefully I never will. Love you, G!

In celebration of our sixth month wedding anniversary we had cake from Julia’s Bakery! We find any excuse to go to Julia’s.

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