Sunday was our first big snow of the season. I am a fan of the beautiful white stuff but only when I have a stocked fridge, nowhere to go, and plenty of friends to play in it with. As it turned out, I only had one of those, a stocked fridge. I stayed home Monday morning because I’ve only driven in snow once and that was last year. So needless to say I am not an experienced driver in the snow and ice. I came into work around noon. Beside skidding around in the hotel parking lot, I was good. The forecast is calling for ice tomorrow. I am praying for no ice because ice means loss of power and this girl likes a warm house! Looks like it is going to be another cold nasty winter as if last year wasn’t bad enough. After this winter we may pack up and head to Florida! Here’s a picture of the view outside our bedroom window Monday morning. I may not have to dream of a white Christmas because it may be reality!

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