A Week Without G

A week away from Greyson use to be “normal”. The first 3 ½ years of our relationship was long distance so it amazed me how lonely and anxious I felt being away from him last week. He is in the PGA apprentice program to become a certified PGA professional at a golf course. He had to travel to Port Saint Lucie, FL for a week of seminars. The morning he left it started snowing and didn’t stop until Monday. All I could think about was Libby and I getting stranded at our townhouse and losing power and I wouldn’t even know how to build a fire in our fireplace. Silly, I know! Then there was the threat of an ice storm on Wednesday so I was a bundle of nerves then too plus I had to get ready for a Christmas party I was hosting, a friend’s birthday and a friend’s wedding. And to add to all of that, a night in Nashville to see Garth Brooks in concert. All good things but this girl needs sleep to function and I was running on very little sleep. I also have become use to having a partner who helps me with everything so it overwhelmed me to make sure everything got done. I’ve lived on my own before and have been responsible for everything but I have become use to the luxury of having G around. Besides being anxiety ridden and homesick for G, it was a great week. I got to hang out with my girlfriends at the concert, Christmas party, birthday party and wedding. This is more than I normally get to do a month’s time and not because I am married now but because of our crazy schedules. I had one friend in town from Boston and another from Southern Alabama. It felt great to hang out with them like old times. Plus, I think if I didn’t have so much going on last week I would have been even more homesick for him so I thankful for everything I had going on and all the fun I had.

I am so happy to have G home now. We are looking forward to our first Christmas as a married couple. Merry Christmas everyone!

Andrea and I before the concert. We were so excited!

Celebrating Ashley's Birthday

Greyson made it back in town for Alyssa and John's wedding

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