The Story of Us

Seven years ago today, I was hosting a going away party for one of my sorority sisters and roommate along with some other friends. It was near the end of my fall semester as a sophomore. We had just got to know our neighbors at our apartment complex across what we called the courtyard. Before the party started I invited our neighbors to come over who were having a party of their own. They had several friends in town to watch their former high school football team compete in the TSSAA State Championship Games. (Little did I know about TSSAA at the time and how I would later work with them at both of my first jobs. )
I was getting over a bad breakup from the start of the semester. I was ready to meet someone else. I know my sorority sisters where thrilled I was finally moving on. They had heard enough whining and crying from me to probably last them a lifetime. How they remained my friends during that time, I will never know.
Once our party proved to be bigger and better than our neighbors, their party joined ours. Across the room I saw one of my sorority sisters talking to what I thought was the cutest guy ever. I walked right up behind her and whispered in her ear dibs. I can be bold at times but I think this was the boldest I've ever been. She left the party mad and didn't speak to me for two days.
I started talking to that cute blue eyed guy who talked with a country twain and was dressed in a Polo Oxford. I have to add I was wearing a baby blue halter top that still hangs in my closet to this day. Before I knew it the party was winding down and we were still talking. We exchanged numbers and became Facebook friends that evening. (MTSU had just had Facebook about 9 months. This is when it was limited to college students. And your university could only receive its on network after numerous requests to Facebook. Photo albums had just become the latest new application. When we met I only had two albums.)
Three days later he finally called. He still laughs to this day about how he strategically waited three days to call. We exchanged a few phone calls, Facebook messages and texts on and off for two weeks. Then he called and asked to take me on a date. I had just finished my final exams for the semester and I was staying in town a little longer to be here for my best friend's birthday. I was very skeptical of this. The reason being he went to school over an hour away from me. I was afraid he would come to town and expect to stay the night. That turned out not to be the case at all. He was nothing but a gentleman. He picked me up and took me to Logan's. That was a big deal for us college kids. When it came time to pay, he pulled out a $100 bill. He later told me he had found it that afternoon at the car wash, haha. After dinner, we went over to one of my friend's apartment because she was leaving for basic training. He hung out with us for a while then left when it was getting late. Two weeks later he came in town for New Years Eve. This was the start of our annual New Years Eve Party with my college friends that continues to this day.
After New Years, I left to go to Orlando for week with my neighbors from Florence. Greyson had to get a new phone after that week. He says all of our texting that week caused his old phone to die. When spring semester started, he began coming in town on a regular basis to take me out. Things progresses pretty slowly. We didn't even become in a relationship with one another on Facebook until spring break, ha ha! We also didn't meet each others' parents until that summer. I was the first and only girl he ever took home. The rest was history.
I am so thankful that seven years ago today my future husband walked in to my living room. I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else. I think it is special to be married to my college sweetheart. We both have grown so much over these past seven years. It is hard to believe we were both so young when we met. We were just 19 and 20. But the reasons we fell in love with one another still remains. Those things haven't changed. I am still the strong willed girl and he is still the calmest and most patient boy. Here's to seven years and many more to come. Happy Anniversary, Greyson.

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