I Know There is a Lesson to Be Learned

We are still living in limbo land. We "should" hear something about both houses tomorrow. Key word is "should" though. There have been many days when we "should" have heard something. It has been hard and stressful. At times I think, "OHHH we've got this. This is easy. No one is sick or dead. It could be much worse." I received a text this morning from my mother-in-law on how she's admired my strength during this real estate nightmare. But there have been some dark moments. Moments that I haven't really shared. Last night I looked at our sweet dog and almost broke down in tears because she loves it so much here. I know it's silly but I've allowed myself to be guarded and not fall in love with it here. Libby on the other hand loves her new fenced in back yard and her new morning and afternoon sunning spots. See picture below.

From the beginning I've given this situation to God. There are so many times in my life when I give a situation to Him and then take it back. Well with this situation, it has all been out of my control.

Because I want God's will to be done over my own, I have struggled for what to pray for. I've asked for God's will but I felt like I should be asking for more. I then began asking the Holy Spirit to intercede on my behalf when the words just weren't there. I didn't know what more there was to pray. Besides, "Lord, please let this all work out and your will be done." Later, these words came to me as I was typing a note on my phone.
"Lord, I know there's a lesson to be learned in all of this. Please don't let me miss it. I keep trying to imagine the outcome or predict it but I can't. Let me see you. Let my trust in you deepen and my need to control lessen. Help me to see your plan. If your plan is not to be revealed to me now, then do not let me lose trust in your plan. Let me not be broken in this but strengthen in you. Don't let this overcome me but may I be overcome by You."
As I was getting out my Jesus Calling devotional tonight, this was my reading for today. See picture below.

Wow God. I know you're going to do great things. Lord, help me to continue to want to be teachable and give you all the glory, honor and praise. Amen.

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