Speaking My Language

Romance has never been G's love language as Brother Daryl, the preacher who married us, would say. However, I'm not even sure I can count all the romantic things G has done for me today but I want to try. First thing this morning I received roses with a gift card to Massage Envy where he had scheduled an appointment for me after work. Then I got home from my massage and he had cooked the exact dinner we had at our wedding reception. He also had ordered a small version of our wedding cake. During dinner he played our wedding music. Then he gave me a bracket and a gift card to use on vacation next month. Even though he spoke my love language today, I'm more thankful that he treats me with the upmost respect daily. I am beyond blessed to have him as my helper in life. Thank you G for thinking about me in ways today that were beyond my imagination. You truly blew me alway. I never knew you could be so romantic.

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