Rachel & Nick's Wedding

My dear friend from college, Rachel got married this weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. Nick and Rachel's wedding was by far the sweetest and most relaxed wedding I've ever been to or have ever been a part of. Take notes from Rachel. Less really is more. It was simply perfect. Their wedding ceremony and reception was held in a private room at the Bristol, which is a local restaurant in the heart of downtown Louisville. Our friend Trina married them! And yes, the ceremony was legit. She did an incredible job. I was so proud of her. The food was amazing! It really was the perfect day. My favorite part though was having the opportunity to be Rachel's photographer for large portions of the day. I am rather proud of my growing photography skills. Watch out Sara Rose.... ha ha! I may have found my new hobby and part-time job. Here are a few of my favorites from Saturday.

To end the perfect weekend, we continued to celebrate the union of Rachel and Nick with a second reception in Nashville at Trina and Marshall's house. Unfortunately, I was a little too busy with assisting play hostess that I did not get to take many pictures.
Congratulations again to Rachel & Nick. I am honored to have been a part of your wedding weekend celebrations.

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