Being Real

I always feel God at the beach. It's like that line in "I Hope You Dance." "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean." I really do not know how someone could stand at a sea shore of crashing waves and not believe in our Almighty Creator.

I refuse to have one of those blogs where all I share with you is a picture of my perfect life. Because come on who are we all kidding! While I really am having a great summer, I'm also really struggling: professionally, personally and spiritually. Obstacles keep blocking my picture perfect life or at least the one I'm trying to "control. "

Oh control.... This is my number one struggle. I am without a doubt wired to control. I just downloaded Let. It. Go. How to Stop Running the Show and Walk by Faith. I'm 30% in and amazed at how much God has already revealed to me in this book. I know this is going to be another journey in my life and probably a continuous struggle but I want to break this cycle and surrender my need to control to the Ultimate Controller. So here I go. I know this one book won't change my life but I hope it is a great starting point. I plan to share with you all about my journey. I know it won't all be fixed by my next post but hopefully I will have made some progress through Him.

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