Great Start to Summer

This summer is off to a great start. We just had another great weekend. We drove down to Florence on Friday evening after work to spend the weekend with my parents. Since my parents no longer have a boat, we rented a pontoon boat on Saturday. We all had a great time. The Tennessee River is the number one thing I miss about home (aside from my parents of course). That evening my dad cooked steaks for us.
Today we celebrated Father's Day by going to church with my mom and dad and lunch afterwards. The church service was extra special because Bro. Larry Wright preached. Bro. Larry was the preacher at First Baptist from the time I started school until I left for college. He is the only preacher I ever really remember us having. It is always great to hear Bro. Larry preach the word of God. He is continuing to serve God through his work with Time Ministries. The service ended with a little boy who came up to say he had received Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Why that's sweet enough to celebrate... The story is even sweeter. He has been coming to church with an elderly lady in my parents' congregation who is his neighbor. He doesn't have a mother in his life so the lady has taken him under her wing. Not only has she shown him the love of a mother but an even greater love. She has shown him the love of Christ. The story brought me to tears.
We ended the day in Florence with lunch at City Hardware. And for you Florence natives their chicken tenders taste just like Court Street Cafe. It is great to see Downtown Florence thriving. I really wish we had a restaurant like that in the Boro.
We ended the night babysitting precious Alexis for our friends Andrew and Allison.
We leave for vacation on Friday. This really is a great start to the summer.

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