Walk Beside Me

I am very blessed to have a great circle of close friends. I have this one close friend where it always seems we grow closer when one of us in going through something. It's not that we are not there for one another for the good times but time and time again we've grown closer during struggles in our lives.

Today I took a long walk on the beach by myself and I was thinking about my relationship with God and how lately it seems like there is constantly a new struggle in my life. I kept praying over and over that God walk beside me on the beach and that I feel His presence. As I've shared before , I've recently felt God's current lesson plan for me is to trust Him more. The word trust came to me again. Then I thought about my relationship with my friend, Andrea. My relationship with her is a lot like my relationship with God. I call on Him more in my time of need but I'm not leaning on Him on the mountaintops. I'm quick to give the big stuff to God but not the little stuff. The everyday stuff, I can take care of that myself. God you handle the big stuff while I control the rest. See there I go with that ugly word again... control. Well, not giving it all to Him is not living for Him. And I can't help but think that some of these valleys could be avoided if I was giving my complete self to Him. As turned around to head back, I started crying at the sight of my husband and his father walking towards me. I didn't take it as a coincidence that a father and son were walking towards me after my reflections. There was great symbolism for a father walking along side his son to check on me because spiritually this happens everyday.

My youth pastor growing up use to say, "I must decrease so Christ may increase. " My need for complete control must be surrendered daily whether I'm on a mountaintop, valley or somewhere in between. And I know the Father and His Son will walk beside me every step of the way.

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