It's Your World

G has this saying that he says to me all the time, “it’s your world”. I realize on print this may sound like a mean thing to say. And I know he almost has the right to say it to me in a mean way because let’s face it. I am a control freak! There I said it, the truth is out.

But he says when he wants to make me happy. For example, when he asks me where I want to go for dinner and when I tell him, he responds, “it’s your world”. For Christmas G got me Jason Aldean’s new cd and to our surprise it has a song called “Passing Through” about a guy who tells the lady in his life that “it’s her world”. I am obsessed with this song right now. I don’t even make a small trip across town without playing it. I love it when a song comes along and you feel like it was written for you. I especially love it when it is a love song and not your typical love song like this one but one that is a little silly and just makes us smile.

“It's your world and I'm just in it, ain't no other way to spin it.
Lucky me, just being there when I get to hold you.
I'm just here to love you girl, it's your world, and I'm just passing through.”

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