The Truth

I grew up watching old reruns of I Love Lucky, Dick Van Dyke Show, and many others growing up on Nick at Nite and TV Land. Those were the only two channels I was allowed to watch without an adult in the room. I use to always wonder why Lucky and Ricky or Rob and Laura slept in separate beds. My mom told me it was because in the 1950s and 60s everyone was modest and they were not allowed to show a man and woman lying in bed together. Now that I am married I know the TRUTH. Ricky and Rob must have snored! I know this because I married a snorer! The poor guy has tried everything and I mean everything. He has probably spent over a hundred dollars now on nose strips and sprays. Every night it is the same thing. The minute his head hits the pillow the snores start. I gently rub his arm and say, “hey sweetie”, then he yells, “don’t tell me I am snoring already”. Then he kisses my forehead and goes into the office to sleep. He is considering going to a sleep specialist. He consulted one at the golf course the other day and was told he needed to be fitted for a mouth guard. Let’s pray it works otherwise we are going to be like the couple on Oprah the other day who have had separate bedrooms for the last eight years.

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